Opera to XBEL


This is something that came out of my XML Bookmarks project (now frozen). My intention is to write software that makes it possible to convert from the native bookmarks format used by the Opera browser into an open XML-based one (which I of course hope that Opera will change to natively down the road) and make it possible to render HTML-pages from this - for the time being - intermediate form.


My first version of the conversion software from the native format into XBEL is now available here. It's my first ever Python script so you will have to forgive the mess. I plan to clean this code up and add handling of parameters, options and such, but that will have to wait for now.

You can download version 0.0.1 here (tar/bzip2), released 2001-02-03.


I plan to write a script to render the XML source into HTML, but it's not done yet. There are some XSLs out there, but those are a chore to use.

Feel free to give me some feedback.


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