Opera to HTLM


After thinking about finally fixing up and writing that XBEL-to-HTML converter I needed in the OperaToXBEL project, I instead happened to use this problem while learning c++. The archive below includes a win32 console application to convert the hotlist into HTML, plus the source for the program, donated to the public domain.


The executable will expect an "Opera Hotlist version 2.0" file on stdin, and output HTML to stdout. Use redirection to capture to a file.

Any url or folder with a comment of "[PRIVATE]" (without the quotes) will NOT be included in the output.

The program will parse the file into a tree, and then walk it using a custom-built node_visitor (see the html_visitor source) to create the outout. To change the output a new or changed visitor is needed. One could easily write a XBEL visitor.

I'm aware of the total ugliness of much of this (oh_node and the placing of the parsing code in particular, but also minor design issues like include file order and such), which is why I don't feel the need to fix it. If I know that I could fix it, then what's to point of doing it? :-)

You can download version 0.0.1 here (tar/bzip2), released 2003-01-30.

See also XML Bookmarks and OperaToXBEL.

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