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It's not uncommon that I begin working on a small project. Some grow to become large projects, and others.. well, others are so epic in scope that I can't even get them out on paper. Instead they linger around in my head, slowly making me mad of frustration... This section of my site will be used by me to get projects - ranging from idea to implementation - out in the open. It will help me collect my thoughts, and it might interest you.

Miscellaneous (Status: Open)

This is where smaller stuff goes, things not worthy of a page of their own.

namespace klopper (Status: Open)

Various utility c++ classes from my toolbox.

OperaToHTML (Status: Open)

A converter from the native Opera Hotlist version 2.0 file format into HTML, as seen on my links page.

OperaToXBEL (Status: Open)

Software to manipulate Opera Bookmark files. Current software includes a converter from the native Opera Hotlist version 2.0 file format into the open XML-based XBEL format.

Dejafido (Status: Closed)

A project to create something dejanews-like for Fidonet. Will result in open PHP source code for accessing and working with fidonet type-2+ packets. Current software is a prototype only.

XML Bookmarks (Status: Closed)

(This page is frozen due to the XBEL effort)

An attempt to standardize the bookmarks/hotlists used in web browsers by writing a DTD for bookmark documents and then implementing the necessary code to convert from proprietary bookmark formats to this. For the first stage I aim to be able to use XSL to render the XML document into HTML/CSS for web publication. Ultimately, I'd hope that web browsers will use this or a similar DTD natively to keep track of bookmarks.

Various assembly language snippets (Status: Open)

Here you will find a small collection of tiny assembly language programs and routines that I have written.

Feel free to comment on these projects.


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