Game Hacking: The BioWare Infinity Engine™



Once in a time I started up the BGFFHP, which is now the IEFFHP headed by Jed Wing. We've come so far that most things are documented, leaving bits and pieces here and there still to be done. On this page I will collect code and articles relevant to this project.

Should the official site be down, I host a local mirror, but it might be outdated.

talktools2-prerelease (Status: Closed)

Something I wrote to brush up on my c++ and because I'm obsessing about a future in which CRPGs aren't as predetermined and static as they are today. A suite of tools for manipulating the dialogue resources used in Infinity Engine games, specifically to replace names.

ieffhp::keytool-0.1.1 (Status: Closed)

This is nothing but a re-implementation of my old keytool.exe utility, but this version will generate more statistics, and the output is HTML and not plain text. I'll use this to debug my full resource manager implementation. The different files in this archive have been cut down to contain only the essentials needed by keytool. I have only compiled this under linux/g++. It's been tested against the KEYV1 files of BG, ToTSC, PS:Torment and Icewind Dale. The odds of you having any kind of interest in this code is infinitesimal.

biftool v0.0.62 (Status: Closed)

The original Baldur's Gate BIF extraction tool with source. DOS mode only. As far as I know this will work on most every Infinity Engine game, which is pretty cool because it was written not long after the release of the original Baldur's Gate. The code is unsupported, so don't email me about it. Most of the units you need to compile this can be found in the STMR package on my nostalgia page. Not that I see why you'd want to do that, but there it is.

You can also get the original keytool, talktool and itmtool, although those are completely obsolete.

Feel free to comment on these projects.

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