Pedestal of Nostalgia


This is where you find some of my very outdated software. This is sort of a look back into the early-to-mid nineties, a time when DOS was king :-). I have of course moved on since then, but I feel a touch of nostalgia thinking of the past, and I don't have the heart to annihilate this old page.

Go here for current-era projects.


Saruman's Optimized Textmode Routines (STMR)

STMR is a library of 16-bit 80286 assemby routines with Borland/Turbo Pascal interface for lowlevel screen/keyboard IO. Also includes a higher-level menu-system, virtual screens, simple window handling, input & entry, lightbars, string-handling, and miscellaneous handy routines. Fully commented sourcecode, documentation and demos included. This is the result of many years of work (hobby-time, of course), a library I started to build for my own personal benefit, that grew over the years into something quite good at the end. It's pretty much outdated now, but I've decided to put it up anyway. The amazing thing is the stability of this lib. I've been using some of these routines in excess of three years, and the few glitches I have seen in that time have all been fixed. Writing a C/C++ interface for this ought to be a trivial thing. If you are developing 16bit "GUI" applications under DOS, check this out. Download the 9807 release here (~160Kb). It's freeware of course.


RA-Hacker v2.0beta6

This one is from the middle of 1995 and when I wrote this I was very proud of it. It was (is?) the most complete, good looking and fastest Remote Access userlist password cracker available. Looking back, the source is in itself a source of suitable embarrassment. None the less, I believe you are all able to see thru the spaghetti and agree with me that this is a worthy piece of BBS:ing trivia, a relic of childhood, preserved here for the future and nostalgia.

Download this gem here (124Kb)
Screenshot: RA-Hacker


SOrigin v1.29 - The SaruOrigin/Tagline Changer

Here's a little soft from around 1996. It's a hack which makes it easy to choose a suitable origin- or tagline for your echomail (fidonet) messages. I still use this even though it's badly broken in some ways. For instance, the 'delete' function doesn't work but since the source list of tags is a plain textfile that doesn't matter much. Worse is the fact that it doesn't work with other screenwidths than 80 chars. I never did get around to fixing that.

Download this beast here (26Kb)

Screenshot: Sorigin v1.29beta


MsgBox Generator v0.1.1-pl3

Now this is useful. This wonderful program will help you in generating a small (4Kb!) executable that simply displays a messagebox. This is handy for branding CDs you burn with your name and address so that maybe they , if you lend then out, eventually find their way home. Here's a screenshot for you:

Screenshot: MBoxGen v0.1.1 So, what do you say? Unresistable, eh?

Grab your very own copy today. All I ask is some small compensation in the form of $299 USD.

Just kidding. It's freeware, of course.

Download (13Kb)

(Written in VB5, you may need VB5 runtime DLLs to get it going). This is version 0.1.1pl3

Okay, so it sucks. Big deal.


FDHist v0.0.6

This is a program I wrote back in 1996 and still run as of 2000-09-20. Its purpose is to collect statistics from the Frontdoor mailer and present it in a way the user chose. Basically it's a template-interface for one of the logfiles. I'm note sure exactly which versions of FD this will work with, but I've been running it on both 2.12 (IIRC) and now 2.25.sw.

If you run a mailer you might be interested in testing this program. The archive can be downloaded here and it contains a sample of the output so you won't even have to install the program to get an idea of it's use.


SaruSnusk v1.01beta

This is a BBS-door (will run stand-alone too) of the classic gross.c/grose.c program. It simply randomly chooses words from different dictionaries and put them together to form a sentence. Here's one to give you an idea:

"Cheese it, the cops!" yelped the bisexual penguin as the rabid
construction worker hammered her throbbing protuberances and
crammed his searing lollipop through her ravenous swamp.

Well, you get the idea. The program will allow you to configure all the dictionaries, of course, and also a template for putting them together. The archive which can be downloaded here contains three different dictionaries.



This is a simple BBS-door (requires a exitinfo.bbs capable BBS-software such as Remote Access and clones) I wrote it to make sure my [l]users would gamble and lose all their on-line time instead of spending it in the file-menues and downloading. It's stupid really, but I thought it fun when they would try and try to win more on-line time, not knowing that the odds were not very good.

In fact, you can tweak it so the user will never win, which might be a good idea :-)

You can download this meaningless piece of junk, but don't bother unless you have a BBS to try it on. Will not run on the console.