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Entry for 2003-11-22

I've decided that this "diary" no longer fills any kind of purpose in my life, and as such it'll probably die here. For now, at least.

Entry for 2003-03-07

Already we're quite a bit into the year 2003, and I haven't updated the diary in like, forever. I think the greatest news is that I'm about to move back to my home town again. I've never been one craving big city life anyway, and the apartment is ridiculously oversized for little me. I was late december 2002 when I decided to fuck this and just leave. Unfortunately -- there's always the proverbial "but" -- I was naive enough to believe that doing an apartment _trade_ with someone would be quicker and less hassle than just finding a new place by myself.

Well, it could have been both faster and easier, if it weren't for my current landlord. They've been dragging their heels kicking and screaming about the trade, really taking their time to get anything done, and you know what? I think they've done this simply to milk me for an extra month worth of rent (or even more). Well, unless they get their act together real soon now (they claim that the pre-move inspection will come to pass next week, which it better...) I'm going to invest in a mylandlordsucks.com domain, just for them. I hate it when people do stuff like this, and trust me, there's really no good reason for them to work against this trade -- it's just a way for them to show who is in power. Well, the internet is a great equalizer, which more and more companies learn the hard way...

... which brings me to Hank Mishkoff and his taubmansucks.com. He recently completely defeated Taubman and their shady lawyers from Gifford-Krass-Groh-Sprinkle. You should read about it yourself at his site, this is very important stuff. Basically Hank ran a fan site for a mall that opened near his home. The owner of that mall, Taubman, didn't like that at all and tried to get the domain for themselves. Basically, Taubman thought they'd just flex their legal muscles and crush the little man, because they though they could, and easily at that. The most amazing thing about this case is all they lying the offensive legal team from Taubman got away with. Just read the Acts and educate yourself, because one day they'll come for you.

And oh, I recieved the money from SJ shortly after writing my last diary entry. Good work SJ, now I can use your services without feeling like I'm betraying my principles.


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