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What's new?

This is version 2.0.88 of my homepage.

2014-05-31 - AMD Catalyst 14.x linux driver 'fglrx_dri' valgrind suppression file.
2012-12-28 - FTL: Faster Than Light resource extractor and file format (unftl.c).
2011-07-23 - A perl script to generate cue files from DVD/Bluray chapter files. chapter2cue.pl. I've used it when ripping Bluray concerts to FLAC/vorbis.
2010-12-31 - As proof of my OCD, I've updated infinitycracker (exe), which handles all your Infinity Engine (Baldur's Gate/BG, Icewind Dale/IWD, Planescape:Torment/PS:T) no-CD needs, to v1.1.1. Table updated with BG 1.1.4315 US/Int'l, BG:TotSC 1.3.5512 UK/US/Int'l. There's no real functional change because --scan handled these fine earlier.
2010-09-25 - Removed guestbook.
2010-08-20 - I exist on The Twitters. el0j. I can't promise to be interesting.
2010-01-31 - ATI linux fglrx driver valgrind suppression file. Millions of errors reported. What a joke.
2009-05-09 - The DVD extras secret quiz code for On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation is 1764.
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Some things that may be of interest to the general public

If you want to know more about my personality, you can read my Who am I? document.

If you are looking for info on the whole 'The Breaking of Cyber Patrol 4(R)' you really should head over to Matthew Skala and check out his great Cyber Patrol Break FAQ. If for some reason you want to understand why I did it, you can check my article The Breaking Revisited: Why I did it.

I enjoy computer games, such as FPS (especially tactical ones, such as Rainbow Six), Graphical adventures, but first and foremost; CRPGS, such as Baldur's Gate and the other Infinity Engine powered games. You can read more about the games I love here.

My goal in life as a software developer is to have a hand in the writing and design of computer games, if not professionally so as an independent developer. I want to write at least one graphical adventure and one CRPG. I love to browse wide programming topics such as algorithms, data-structures and general software-engineering 'how to solve/manage problem A' stuff (like Design Patterns), while I'm usually not at all keen on actually implementing things. Lately I've grown more interested in large scale development and how to manage complexity.

My personal interests should be clearly visible from the kind of books I read. I also have a section on books which are available for free on the internet. Check it out.

When I'm not playing games, surfing the net or programming, I'm either asleep or reading mail.

Whatever I'm doing, there's a good chance I'm listening to music while doing it. Some of my favourite groups are In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Machinae Supremacy (Forum), Within Temptation, Evanescence, (the old) Metallica, Oysterband and last but not least; Pain of Salvation. These are just a few of the bands I enjoy listening to. Metal, pop, rock, Irish- African- and Swedish folk music, musicals - most everything goes, as long as it is good. You can actually track my music listening at Audioscrobbler.

I am without a belief in gods, devils, fairies and invisible pink unicorns. I believe in religious tolerance, but I may become aggressive - in a non violent way, of course - if my privacy is disturbed by cult followers. I have been been approached on numerous occasions by cultists out selling jesus. I will therefore make it my thing to - if the topic arise - inoculate uninfected members of the community by informing them about the intolerant evangelical/fundamentalist christian cults.

From the time I began programming, a long long time ago, I've written lot's of small utilities and programs. I've selected a few to be put on display at the Pedestal of Nostalgia. Unfortunately, everything from my C64 and Amiga days is lost.

If for some reason you want to look at some pictures of me and my friends, try the gallery. You'll probably be disappointed :-)

You too can use my personal 'default browser page'. I'm a DNRC member.

What are you doing?

I'm back to playing with my navel.

How to contact me

You could try and e-mail me at srm_dfr@hotmail.com (which is my trashcan account. Friends will get my real box). I have an ICQ UIN; 0xF5642, but I'll only accept messages from people on my contact list.

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